The Hague

If you’ve ready my blog post about visiting The Hague, you’ll know it was one of my very favourite places. There were lots of fun places to explore, but I’ve listed some of my favourites here.

Places to Stay:

We booked with Airbnb, and had an absolutely lovely host. We got to see a bit of the city we may have otherwise missed, and our host offered some great recommendations on places to go for food, things to see, and tips for getting around. If you’re looking for hotels the Ibis is close to the city centre, and the Hotel Des Indes is right across from a gorgeous wooded park.

Where to Eat:

One of my favourite places in The Hague was The Vegetarian Butcher. It’s mostly a market, but has foods you can get to take away. I had a grilled ‘chicken’ wrap with lettuce and tomato that was amazing, and my omnivore boyfriend loved the double cheeseburger. Try Tungaal has amazing Indonesian food, and is perfect after a day of exploring the city. A definite standout for our trip, though was Eat the World, which I talk about in my blog post and is wonderful. Another great lunch or dinner place is Made in Sud, with delicious and authentic Italian food in a cosy atmosphere and great service. Wicked Wines is a fun little place to have a glass of wine, and also serve food.

Things to Do:

One of my must-visit’s at The Hague is the Mauritshuis. It has an absolutely amazing collection including Vermeers, Rembrandt’s, and other Dutch masters, and is also the home of Fabricius’s The Goldfinch. The Peace Palace, home of the International Courts of Justice, is definitely worth a visit, and the Scheveninose Pier has some greats views and fun kiosks along the boardwalk. Haagsche Bos, is a gorgeous, wooded park that’s a great place to relax a bit.

Getting Around:

It’s a very walkable city, but for the places farther out (the Peace Palace and the pier) I would definitely recommend a tram pass. You can pick one up at the train station, and it’s pretty easy to navigate even if you don’t speak any Danish.