Fresh Starts

If you saw my last post, you may be wondering which job I decided on.

After a lot of anxiety and worry, I went with my gut and went with the job at the auction house! My conversation with my current manager  (of course) went better than I had imagined in my head; she was incredibly nice, supportive, and seemed genuinely happy for me. While I genuinely enjoyed my job at the Museum, my love of art, and the incredible opportunity were too great to say no.

With my birthday a little over six weeks away, I’ve been starting to take stock of the past year in my life, think about my “birthday goals’ for next year, and reflect on everything that’s happened this past year. With some helpful advice from AstroStyle, I’m making a conscious effort to let go of anything that hasn’t served me well this year, and consciously recharge before my birthday to start my next year of life with my best foot forward.

This year has had a huge focus on relationships– not just with my boyfriend, but also my family and friends, and most importantly, myself.. I’ve spent a lot of this year assessing any dynamics or behaviours that  have caused conflict or unneeded stress, and thinking about/putting into practice behaviours that are more enriching, strengthening, and healthy. One of the things that has had the biggest impact on my is the transformation of the “Drama Triangle” into the “Empowerment Triangle” . As someone with self-confessed co-dependent tendencies I’ve spent a lot of time feeling “stuck,” putting other people before myself, and not being honest with myself or others about my feelings–to the detriment of both myself and the people I care about. Besides massively helping ease a lot of anxiety, I feel more in-control of my left than ever. Not to say it’s easy to be the outcome-focussed creator of my own life every day, but it has definitely gotten easier and has done wonders for my self esteem and relationships. Thinking about life in this way empowered me to quit a job I was unhappy in, and take active steps to start my new job next month! Thinking about everything I’ve learned and accomplished this year, I feel like I’ve built a strong foundation that I can continue to develop this next year.

Scheduling in some self-care, not only to reflect on everything above, but to just relax is my priority for the next few weeks. Besides regular therapy sessions, I’ve roped off time in my calendar for a weekly relaxing bath/face mask, drinks or catch-ups with friends, and tech-free walks over my lunch break. True, none of these are huge, but each one helps me feel recharged and refreshed in a different way that serves a different part of my personality.

With big changes ahead it feels nice to be in the moment and appreciate where I am, and how far I’ve come.

So for the next two weeks I’m going to try to be as “in the moment” in my current job as I can, and enjoy my excitement and optimism to start my new job at the start of February!


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