Why I Dry Brush Every Morning

This post was inspired by one I wrote last week, and got me thinking about how much of a difference just one small change can make. Dry brushing is all over the place right now, and having done it every morning for the past few years I can honestly say its worth it. There are a few main benefits to dry brushing, but some of the biggest are its amazing detoxing benefits, exfoliation, and  increasing circulation at the surface of the skin (which has the added benefit of reducing, or at least minimising) any cellulite or imperfections. Better yet it takes less than five minutes, making it a super easy way to slip a bit of self-care into your morning routine.


I feel like every week I’m riding a new article about why I should be detoxing, but most of them involve juice cleanses, fasting, or product-based regimens. While I may be all-for detoxing, I definitely think it’s possible to do so without shelling out a large sum of money to a financially-motivated company. Dry brushing is a fantastic way to detox without shelling out unnecessary cash that would be much better spent on clothes, wine, and exciting trips. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and is the one that’s also exposed to the most toxins (through our clothes, cosmetics, general pollution, etc). One what dry brushing helps detox our bodies is by simulating our lymphatic system, which naturally cleanses our bodies on its own but sometimes needs a bit of help to get things moving. Brushing in short, brisk strokes toward the heart helps this movement along. Definitely a lot easier than a week-long juice cleanse!


As I talked about in my post last-week, exfoliating is step one to smooth skin. Dry brushing literally wipes away dead skin while wiping away toxins built up in the lymphatic system and skin. While I do enjoy a nice skin scrub, dry brushing is an easy way to do a bit of exfoliating through the week.

Improving Circulation:

Increasing your circulation has a whole host of benefits, both in helping to remove toxins from the body, but may also help smooth any cellulite by gently breaking down and evening out the net-like structure of connective tissue within the skin. Certainly stimulating the surface of the skin will increase blood flow, but definitely doesn’t guarantee a ‘cure’ for cellulite. However, since I’ve been dry brushing I have definitely noticed smoother skin on my back body, and on the backs of my arms which have suffered minor KP (those annoying little bumps that just won’t disappear) since I was in high school. The key here, though is keeping up with dry brushing even after you notice its benefits.

How To:

I’ve used both long-handled and no-handled brushes, and definitely prefer a longer handle. If you’re not sure, there a brushes you can buy with detachable handles that let you try both.

The first time I dry-brushed was mildly uncomfortable, but went away after a days of brushing every morning. You should apply light pressure, and use long,smooth strokes towards your heart. I begin at my ankles and go up each leg, then my arms, then finally my torso. MindBodyGreen has a really nice in-depth how-to, as does this site. If your skeptical I definitely recommend giving it a try for at least a month before throwing in the towel– at worst you now have a body brush that’s great for general exfoliation, and at best you have a new morning routine that gets you glowing.


(complied/condensed from multiple articles)


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