Friday Cocktail: Red Wine Caipirinha

This one is a bit unexpected, but wonderfully easy, and perfect for warmer weather. I was flipping through my gigantic cocktail book when I found this one, which I’d bookmarked ages ago, but had yet to try. It was originally created by a bartender at a New York restaurant who made it for a customer who wanted a cocktail to follow the red wine she’d had with dinner. It’s definitely a nice after-dinner drink, but enjoying one in the afternoon would also be just as nice.

I love caipirinhas, especially in the warmer months, but wasn’t too sure what would happen adding red wine into the mix. Actually, there is no cachaça in this recipe at all, which made me even more skeptical. Red wine and lime juice? Admittedly a bit strange, but with such gorgeous weather recently I was definitely in the mood for something easy to relax with. I love red wine though, and tying it in a cocktail has definitely been on my to-do list.

With the warmer weather we’ve been having, something chilled, and simple to make has also been increasingly appealing. This is wonderfully tart, and tastes a lot like a cross between a caipirinha and sangria. You may want to experiment with the amount of sugar you use, I found the two teaspoons the recipe calls for to be a bit much.


  • 2 tsp granulated sugar (I used 1.5)
  • 1/2 lime, cut in four small wedges
  • 3 oz red wine (the recipe calls for Rioja, but I used a dry cabernet sauvignon with wonderful results)


  1. muddle lime wedges and sugar in a highball glass, making sure the sugar is well-dissolved
  2. fill the glass with ice, then top with the red wine
  3. stir well, and garnish with a lime wedge




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