Friday Cocktail: Rum Shandy

While it may be springtime (finally!) there is definitely still a bit of a chill in the air, which is fine by me as it means I get to keep wearing my comfy sweaters. That being said, I wanted this week’s cocktail to have the same sort of personality– a little bit cosy, but with a hint of warmer weather to come. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I nailed it.

Truth be told I had some help in the ‘research’ phase. I’m not sure if I would have arrived at this one without Cameron’s suggestion, actually. Rum and lime? Definitely! It’s one of my favourites (see here). Rum and and lime, plus ginger? A natural progression if you ask me– in fact, that gives me an idea for a fun twist on a daiquiri. But add apple into the mix and I was skeptical. You may also be feeling skeptical, and that’s okay, but from one skeptic to another– give it a try!


There’s something about a shandy that automatically transports me to warmer months, with long days creeping into nights, and time spent lingering outdoors with friends. I love when a smell or a taste can transport you, and this one definitely does for me, which means it will definitely be added into the regular rotation for the next few months.

Another fun piece of this cocktail is figuring out what sort of cider or beer to top it off with. The base (ginger syrup, lime juice, aged rum) makes a pretty nice cocktail on it’s own, but topping off with a beer or cider of your choice totally changes the flavours and makes for a nicely fizzy, endlessly adaptive cocktail. I topped mine with cider, and garnished with an apple slice, but your favourite beer would be just as nice garnished with a ginger slice. I actually plan to try this out with one of my favourite IPAs, but I think something like Hoegaarden would also be lovely.


• 1 tbs ginger syrup (if you want to make your own check out this previous post)

• .5 oz lime juice (about 1/2 lime per cocktail)

• 1.5 oz aged rum

• cider or beer of your choice


  1. Add ice to a cocktail glass and set aside
  2. Combine ginger syrup, lime juice, and rum in a mixing glass and stir to combine
  3. Add ice to the mixing glass and stir again to chill everything
  4. Strain into your cocktail glass, top with cider or beer of your choice, garnish with an apple or ginger slice.



Cheers and have a lovely Easter weekend!



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