My Week in Review

Exactly one week ago was my twenty-fourth birthday! It’s unbelievable how time flies, especially this past week– full of work, celebration, and a fantastic visit from a college friend. If you follow the blog regularly you may have noticed the lull, but this week things are all set to be back on track. Including a new Friday Cocktail at the end of the week.

On my birthday last week I managed to squeeze in a few hours at the British Museum, plus lunch with Cameron in the middle of an otherwise busy day. I picked the British Museum both because it’s just a short walk to campus, and because I love the many historical objects found there, from the Egyptian mummies and hieroglyphs to the famous (or infamous) Parthenon marbles, which happened to be the focus of my trip there last week.

For dinner we booked a table at Andrew Edmunds in Soho (reservations are key if you decide to go), which was wonderfully cosy and one of the best meals I’ve had, birthday dinner or otherwise. From the handwritten menu, to the close proximity to other tables, it very much feels like your at a friend’s house, or at least a lovely distant relative. There’s a great wine list and our server made some excellent recommendations on the menu that really made the whole night a wonderful start to a new year.

Later in the week a close friend of mine from college came for a long-weekend visit, and we spend the few days catching up, wandering around London, and having (probably too many) glasses of wine/cocktails. We went to Borough Market, walked through Kensington and Hyde Park, explored a few of my favourite spots, and relaxed in some of our favourite pubs. There were a few places we’d been wanting to try, and having a guest gave us the extra push to finally stop by. Trailer Happiness, which is a wonderfully kitschy tiki-style cocktail bar just down the road from us, has some fantastic cocktails and is definitely going to make it onto our regular ‘rotation’. Pix, a Spanish-style tapas restaurant had some amazing food, a fun, relaxed atmosphere, and was the perfect spot for dinner on the last night of my friend’s visit.

While this week is decidedly less busy than the last, it will be full of lots of reading and writing for my dissertation proposal due at the start of next week. What’s the topic? I’m still refining it, but something involving ways of display, the curiosity cabinet, and a modern collection.


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