Super-Simple Kiwi Face Mask

I’ll cut to the chase and begin by saying that I’ve had ‘problem skin’ for the last few years. Developing breakouts as your entering and well-into your twenties is no fun. That being said, I when I do get a breakout its usually pretty mild (thankfully).

Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of cleansers, toners, and masks. For a while I tried what I now refer to as the ‘blowtorch approach’ of using as many shine-reducing and impurity-removing things on my face as I could, which just left my skin dry and prone to irritation. A few years ago I realised that maybe being nice to my skin would get the results I wanted. I started using coconut oil to remove any makeup, and as a gentle face wash and noticed a significant improvement. While this may not be the best thing for everyone, it definitely made me reevaluate my skincare routine, and put more focus on simple, natural ingredients, which leads me into the subject of this post..

Finding gentle ways to exfoliate my skin is always a bit difficult. I have sensitive skin, and too much scrubbing causes some serious redness, and usually to a breakout as well. Rather than going the abrasive route, I prefer to use the gentler exfoliation of AHAs, which are used in skincare products to gently exfoliate, and are found naturally in fruits like strawberries, pineapple and, you guessed it– kiwi. It also has a high level of Vitamin-C, which helps to neutralise free-radicals and reduce signs of ageing, improving skin quality.


To make one mask mash 1/2 of a kiwi with about 1/2tsp coconut or olive oil. You may need to use a blender, or a mortar and pestle if you have one, but some time and a fork should also get you the results you need. When you’re ready to apply, gently cleanse your face, and apply a thin layer of the mask. Relax for 10-15 minutes and then gently wash off with lukewarm water.

Be sure to do a test patch of the mask on your wrist before using it on your face in case your skin reacts poorly. After removing the mask, apply a generous amount of your favourite moisturiser (I like Lush’s Cosmetic Lad – I know it’s for guys, but it’s a really nice night cream) and bask in the glow of brighter, smoother skin.



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