Friday Cocktail: Ginger-Lime Fizz

Sometimes I’m in need of a cocktail with a little bit less alcohol. As you may have read from my post yesterday, I visited the Hague earlier this week with Cameron. Besides sightseeing we had some amazing food, and also drank quite a bit of wine, with a few fun cocktails thrown in, which has left me in need of a bit of break to help my body recuperate.


I love this recipe (adapted from Naturally Ella) because all of the ingredients are things I have on hand anyway, and can be spiked for those who want a regular drink. Even though choosing a good ginger-beer, and using freshly squeezed citrus is always a plus with any cocktail, I think it’s especially important for those that don’t contain. Since alcohol contains a lot of flavours, its important to make sure the one’s you add into a cocktail without alcohol are well-balanced and pack enough flavour. My favourite ginger beer for cocktails is generally Fever Tree, but there are a few Jamaican-style ones I like as well which are peppery and wonderfully refreshing, and I’ve just found a really good Australian one that I’m excited to try.


Since these are so easy to make, whipping up a whole pitcher makes life a breeze when making a batch of these, but just be sure to clearly label the drinks with and without any alcohol. If you’re making these for two, squeeze on extra lime more than you think you’ll need– I always find I want a bit more citrus, and it’s so much easier if it’s all ready to go.

This drink is really a bit of a riff on a Moscow Mule, and you could omit the sparkling water if you wanted , but your drink would be sweeter. Definitely play around bit to get the proportions right for you.


• Ginger beer

• sparkling water

• limes


  1. Add the juice of one half to one whole lime to a glass with ice.
  2. Fill the glass halfway with ginger beer, and top with sparkling water.
  3. Gently stir with a mixing spoon, garnish with a lime wedge or a round of ginger, and serve.

If you’d like to up the ginger in the drink, you could muddle a slice or two of ginger with the lime juice before adding the other ingredients. And it you want to add a bit of alcohol, a measure of vodka added with the lime would make a lightened-up Moscow mule.


While I love an evening cocktail, the unfortunate truth is that its much healthier to give my body a break from alcohol a few days a week. And while a weeknight gin and tonic or glass of wine isn’t very much, they do add up over the week. Drinks like this ginger-lime fizz are the perfect way to ‘have my cake and eat it too’ as the saying goes.




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