Friday Cocktail: The Clover Club

I’ve been wanting to try this cocktail for a while– mostly because it always looks so pretty, but also because it’s a definite classic, and I happen to love raspberry. The colour is just the right shade of pink, and reminds me of all the flowers that are suddenly blooming across London.

Unlike last week’s Friday Cocktail, this requires no preliminary prep work. The original recipe calls for a raspberry simple syrup, but I thought I would try it subbing a bar spoon of good raspberry jam and was thrilled with the results. The colour is a bit different than if you were to use raspberry syrup, but besides that there is really no difference.


Maybe things have felt so busy because reading week is coming up, and everything is a a surge before the calm. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been frantically trying to settle on a topic for my dissertation, with a research proposal deadline looming, and just can’t seem to find something that I’m really interested in, and also happens to be feasible. Either way, I am thrilled to have a bit of a break, especially since Cameron and I will be taking a short trip to The Hague next week.

Since this week has been full-tilt, I had a bit of help from Cameron with photos, even though I did manage to find the time to do the actual testing of the drink.

Fair warning– this cocktail calls for an egg white. It doesn’t really do anything to the taste, but does give the drink a smooth texture and a little bit of froth at the top. If you  add the egg  white I definitely recommend using one from local as possible, free range hens. If you just feel  a bit weird about it, then definitely omit the egg white. The texture of the final drink will be a bit different but will still taste delicious.


• 1.5 ox gin

• .5 oz cointreau (or lemon juice)

• bar spoon of raspberry jam (you could use raspberry simple syrup here, but this is so much easier)

• 1 egg white


  1. combine ingredients in a shaker with ice
  2. shake vigorously to combine (probably a bit longer than you think it needs)
  3. Strain into a cocktail glass and enjoy. (You could vanish with a fresh raspberry or two, or an orange peel if you’d like)


Cheers to the weekend!


6 thoughts on “Friday Cocktail: The Clover Club

  1. Made in Rome says:

    I interviewed a bartender for a story I wrote last month, and he told me about using jams in cocktails. He had a bacon jam he used for bourbon drinks. I still haven’t tried mixing with jam yet, but I have to. This drink looks really good. Love the nice lush color!


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