Things I’m Looking Forward to in February

January and February, are notorious for being cold, slow, and generally not very fun. The holidays are over, spring is still waiting in the wings, and things can tend to feel a bit bleak.  Strangely though, I’ve always liked this time of year, especially February. Yes, it can often be bitterly cold if you’re somewhere North, but it’s also some of the last weeks  of winter that are free of Holiday stress or planning, and more enjoyable since January usually helps me find my routine again and I’m able to enjoy my workouts and self-care.

If you’re not a fan of February hopefully this list inspires you to look forward to at least one thing this month, and if you are, I suggest making the most of it and thinking about your own list as well, and maybe even let me know in the comments!

1. This month is already set to be rather busy, which I’m definitely excited about. I love having a packed schedule (within reason), as it helps me to be so much more productive in every area of my life. There’s something about really needing to manage my time well that kicks me into gear and makes it happen, whether that means efficiently getting all of my coursework done, or making the most of the free time I do have by catching up with friends or having a date night with Cameron.


 2. I don’t think I could make a list about things I’m looking forward this month without including Valentine’s Day. Growing up it was one of my favourite days of the year- I would wear red or pink to school, make handmade cards for all of my friends and family. I still send cards to my friend an family, handmade or not, to let them know I’m thinking of them. This year is going to be especially fun, since one of my best friends from college is coming to visit for the weekend! Cameron and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day in a particularly special way — instead we celebrate ‘us’ on our anniversary, which makes it a lot more personal I think. Instead we usually make a fun dinner together, and do something more casual like go for a hike, or to a movie. I do still get him a card (it’s my favourite part of every holiday), but the only gift we exchange are conversation hearts.

3.  Reading week is toward the end of this month, and I’m definitely looking forward to the short break in classes, even though I will be writing a few papers. Cameron and I are thinking of taking a short weekend trip (suggestions welcome in the comments!) somewhere we can get to by train and relax for a few days before the rest of the term. Writing this now it’s unbelievable how quickly this year is already going by, and how quickly my dissertation is approaching.

4. Leap day! I’ve always thought the idea of an extra day what such a strange and wonderful idea. This year it falls on a Monday, which would usually make it quite hard to celebrate, but since I have no Monday classes, may still be possible. Who knows, maybe I’ll even post a Leap Day inspired cocktail later this month?

Rabbit, rabbit!



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