Friday Cocktail: Detox Retox

We are coming to the end of January, which is typically the time when a lot of people begin to fall off the wagon on their New Year’s Resolutions. While I don’t make New year’s resolutions, I do like to start the new year by being a bit more health conscious– especially after too many sweets around the holidays. While cocktails don’t usually factor into a detox, this is a delicious way to spice up a cold pressed juice, and may even become your new favourite brunch drink (sorry, mimosa).

I love pressed green juices because they allow me to pack in even more vitamins and minerals into my dat than I possibly could by eating lots of veggies (which I do anyway). With pressed juices its best to avoid too many fruits since they can spike your blood sugar, and instead stick to earthy greens, citrus, and spicy ginger. My favourite juices, though, are the ones with beetroot–the gorgeous red colour and herbal sweetness is so good! It only helps that beetroot can help increase the level of oxygen in your bloodstream which is great if you’re training for race, or just hope to be a bit healthier.


This week’s cocktail is inspired and made possible by a lovely pressed juice featuring beetroot, pear, pomegranate, blood orange and ginger. Chock-full of antioxidants and other healthy things I began to wonder what would happen if I added something a little less healthy, like another favourite beverage of mine–prosecco. The result is surprisingly good, although no longer quite as good for you. But having a bit of fun is a different kind of good for you I would argue.

If you can’t find this exact blend of juice, don’t worry, any blend that includes beetroot, ginger, and something citrusy should substitute well, although I wouldn’t go for anything with greens if you’re going to add prosecco. Of course you could also make it yourself if you have a juicer and are so inclined, but picking up a bottle makes the assembly wonderfully effortless.


• 3tbs juice

• Prosecco or champagne

• lemon peel (to garnish)


  1. Add juice to a glass with ice, top with prosecco (the fizz at the top will be a gorgeous shade of pink!)
  2. garnish with a lemon peel and toast to your health!



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