Friday Cocktail: The Seelbach Cocktail

I hope you had a very happy New Year! I cannot believe that it’s 2016- the past year has absolutely flown by! Looking back, it’s been full of so many wonderful things, and of course, some bittersweet, which is exactly why I chose this cocktail as the first of this year.

The different elements of this cocktail- sweet, bubbly, a little bit of bitter, and a nice kick- are strangely representative of this past year. Sweet- seeing all of my friends, moving to London, spending the holiday with my family- and a bit bitter- being far away from family and friends. The kick of bourbon is like all of life’s wonderful surprises. So, whether you’re looking back at the past year with happy memories in mind, or looking forward to the next year and hoping for a full and happy year, this is a wonderful drink to use up any extra champagne you may have (or which you may have hidden away).


I found this cocktail in a wonderful new book that I got from my mother for Christmas, The Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails. It’s large, especially compared to most cocktail books, and even more so considering it’s light on pictures (there aren’t any), and full of text. It’s also full of amazing recipes that I can;t wait to try. This one is wonderfully simple, so much so that it doesn’t even require a shaker!


• 1 oz bourbon

• 1/2oz cointreau

• 7 dashes Angostura bitters

• 7 dashes Fee Brother’s bitters (or your favourite  orange bitters)

• Champagne (or prosecco) to top


  1. Combine bourbon, cointreau, and bitters in cocktail glass or champagne flute, stir to combine.
  2. Top with champagne, and garnish with an orange peel.


I know it sounds a bit strange, bit it’s definitely delicious. If you have it, a dry champagne or prosecco works quite well since the cointreau can be a bit sweet, bit of course you should pick what you enjoy most. Champagne can so often feel a bit fussy, which is a shame because it’s delicious and makes even a regular night of the week feel like a special occasion.

Cheers to you, and a very happy new year ahead!




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