Friday Cocktail: The Coffee Cocktail

As 2015 comes to a close and list detailing the “best ___ of 2015” show up more and more over the next few weeks, one one my favourites are the predictions for 2016. It was exactly one of these that caught my eye and inspired this weeks post.

Yes, I know that there were coffee cocktail in 2015, but it some ways I feel it hasn’t quite taken off yet. Sure, independent coffee shops with are popping up everywhere, and some offer fresh and creative ‘cocktails’ made without alcohol, but full of complexity and flavour. It only seems natural that the current obsession with all things coffee, mingled with the popularity of niche cocktail bars ranging rom speakeasies to 1960’s Americana, would create some sort of wonderful hybrid.

Sure, this one coffee cocktail is not the only one possible, but it’s pretty delicious. It makes sense- coffee is full of amazing flavours, and every bean, blend, and brewing method can bring out different flavours ranging from sweet, to smoky, to fruity, and of course, bitter.


To make the cold-brew coffee this drink calls for, I find a french-press is the best tool, but you could also use a large glass container, then a fine mesh sieve to strain the coffee from the grounds. You don’t need a lot for each cocktail, which means more for you in the morning (an added bonus).


• 2oz dark rum

• 1oz cointreau

• 1oz cold-brew coffee

• 1/2 oz simple syrup


  1. shake all ingredients with ice
  2. strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with an orange or lemon peel




If you’re a bit wary of having coffee in the evening, this amount should be fine. Personally though, I don’t mind the little bit of caffeine, as daylight savings in London makes me sleepy around 7:00pm. One of the things I think is especially fun bout this cocktail is the possibility of experimenting with different blends of coffee– something super dark would be a lot more intense, while something lighter has the option of making a lighter-tasting drink that would be lovely in warmer weather.

Have a good weekend!


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