Friday Cocktail: Cranberry Old Fashioned

As I mentioned at the end of last week’s post, this week’s cocktail is inspired by the holidays;  this drink, combined with one of Spotify’s holiday playlists, and you’re ready to trim the tree and start wrapping presents.

Shockingly, this year I’m actually on-top of Christmas shopping, which never happens. Perhaps it’s because I know I will have to fit everything into my suitcase (which requires a bit of planning), or perhaps it’s because Christmas in London has been happening a bit longer than it does in the US, and is visible just about everywhere you go. One of my friends recently said that Europe just does the Holidays better, and after experiencing this year I’m inclined to agree. Everything looks so festive, there are lights over streets, christmas markets, and I’ve even seen a few groups of schoolchildren carolling. The only thing missing may be cooler temperatures and some snow.  Actually I take that back– I’m totally okay with temperatures around 50°F.

This cocktail actually came about last week at “Friendsgiving” on Friday night- we managed to have both prepared cranberry sauce and fresh cranberries, so rather than letting them go to waste, we repurposed. I suppose you could use cranberry sauce (if you have any leftover) instead of the cranberries and sugar, but it may make a much sweeter drink depending on how you like your cranberry sauce.


• 5-7 fresh cranberries

• 2-3 dashes bitters

• 1tsp sugar + 1tsp water

• 1.5oz bourbon (Bulleit is my favourite here)


  1. Muddle sugar, water, and cranberries in the bottom of a shaker (tip: to have a more red finished drink, let the muddled cranberries sit for a little bit before adding the rest of the ingredients and shaking)
  2. Add the bourbon, dashes of bitters, and some ice. Shake vigorously to combine
  3. Strain into a highball glass and garnish with an (optional) orange slice

I hope your holiday preparations are off to a good start. Give this cocktail a try at your next holiday get-together, or next time you are feeling extra festive at home watching Christmas movies on Netflix.






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