Finding Calm in the Holiday Hustle

Where did the last three months go? I feel like it was just September and Cameron and I were moving, and suddenly I’m prepping to go back home in two weeks for the holiday. Crazy! Recently I read a quote that really resonated with me, especially at this time of year– as we get older the days feel longer, and yet the years feel shorter. It’s a strange concept, but the more I thought about it, the more true it seemed. I suppose that means there is all the more reason to make the days count!

With all of the excitement (and a bit of stress) this time of year can bring, I feel its even more important to enjoy the days as they come. Every year it feels like there’s so much time around the holidays, but then before I know it, its New Year’s Eve and I find myself thinking, ‘where did the time go?’

Last year on the first day of December I challenged myself to do yoga every day through the new year so that I could carve out for myself a little bit of quiet and calm, while maintaining some sort of fitness routine through all of the holiday parties and yummy foods. I ended up sticking with it for far longer than planned, and rekindling my love of yoga, which first began in after-school kids’ yoga through middle school.

The past few months I’ve only sporadically found myself on my mat, focussing instead on upping my running milage, and getting caught up in all of the speed of the city. Feeling a bit at a loose end a few weeks ago, I decided to revisit my yoga every day challenge. I decided to follow Leslie Fightmaster’s YogaFix90 (on youtube here) to get me back into a daily practice because hers is one of my favourites available for free online. If you haven’t tried any of her classes, I definitely suggest giving it a go– she has all levels and incorporates some great quotes during savasana.


My favourite yoga mat (available here)

Since I’ve begin the 90 day challenge almost two and a half weeks ago, I’ve definitely noticed some positive changes. Surprisingly, I’ve been calmer, you could even say more centred, which is strange considering all of the work I’ve been doing for school while gearing up for the holidays with the minimal free time I have left. Not as surprising are the physical changes I’ve noticed already- my biceps have returned, my running times shortened, and my posture has even improved. So, if you find yourself stressed just thinking about the next few weeks, or even just in need of a short workout you can do indoors, I definitely suggest trying Leslie’s channel. Most of the videos in the 90 day challenge are 30 minutes or less, which is amazing, and makes squeezing in some ‘me-time’ totally doable.

How do you find calm when things get busy? Let me know in the comments, or if you try any of Leslie Fightmaster’s classes!


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