Tuesday Transformation- Leftover Brown Rice Pudding

The advice about making a large pot of beans, rice, or other hearty filler at the beginning of the week, then tossing them into salads, soups, or whatever ever else along the rest of the week is genius. No longer do I have to impatiently wait for something to cook while my stomach grumbles loudly after I get home from class– I can just reheat what I’ve already made and get back to work.

Sometimes though I get tired of what I’ve cooked before it runs out (you can only have so many burrito bowls!). Extra black beans? No problem, you can use them to make black bean burgers. Leftover veggies? Toss them into pasta! Brown rice is an especially versatile leftover– you could add it to just about any soup to make it more filling (great in the winter), or you could turn it into dessert!

I know rice pudding is not the most exciting of desserts for most, but it has always been one of my favourites. My grandmother used to get the best rice pudding from a tiny little deli where I grew up;  I remember the large containers with a healthy sprinkling of cinnamon on top, and the the creamiest rice pudding inside. Cold out of the fridge, it was one of my favourite treats after school, so naturally I had to make a diary-free version. To reimagine this childhood favourite I used leftover brown rice, some nondairy milk, and orange zest, but you could swap it for some vanilla, or really go crazy and add a bit of cocoa powder.


• 1.5c cooked brown rice

• ~ 1.5c non-dairy milk of your choice

• 1-2Tbs sweetener

• zest from one small orange (optional)


  1. Add the rice, milk (make sure you add enough to cover the rice), and half of the zest to a saucepan. Adding just some of the orange now lets you control how much flavour goes in.
  2. Heat on high until it begins to bubble, then reduce to a simmer and cook for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. You may need to add a bit more milk so keep an eye on it.
  3. After its cooked through and the rice has expanded, add sweetener and the rest of the zest to taste.


It’s delicious warm or chilled, and is amazingly comforting, especially in the winter! I’ve even been known to have some for breakfast on the weekend.


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