Melt-ing for Melt

This week is reading in my MA course, and it arrived just in time. While I may have classes only three days out of five, the rest of my time is by no means free. Reading weeks means a bit of a breather, and lest from attending class, as I have a bit of reading to catch up on, and two essays to finish by next Monday.

While this week isn’t vacation, strictly-speaking, Cameron and I are still going to take a short trip to Bath this week, which has meant this weekend was packed full with essay-writing and errands. As a way to de-stress we wandered over to Melt. Just off of Westbourne Grove, it’s quite close to where we live and I’ve been wanting to go since I first saw it a few weeks ago. Full disclosure- I have a pretty serious sweet tooth, and the prospect of a delicious, chocolate-filled study break was too exciting to pass up.

Walking in,you’re instantly struck by the smell of chocolate as your eyes discover the  amazing range of chocolates–  from chocolate-covered popcorn bark to small chocolate disks and, of course, a gorgeous selection of truffles and chocolate bars (there is a chocolate wall!). Happily for me, there was even dairy-free ginger truffle using coconut cream rather than milk, and featuring a lovely gold brushstroke.

IMG_5352 (1)

I decided on a ginger truffle, and chocolate-dipped candied orange peel, which is one of my absolute favourites. Part of me wanted to devour them right there, but I though tit would be better to wait at least until we got back home. The ginger truffle was absolutely amazing- dense, flavourful, and velvety smooth inside. The orange slice, which I saved as a bit of an incentive to finish one of my rough drafts, was equally delicious and decadent. Cameron picked up a piece of popcorn bark as well and reported that it too was amazing.

A trip to Melt will definitely be something that remains a treat, but I’m already looking forward to my next trip. Maybe during finals week? It would also be a fantastic place to pick up a gift for a friend.


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