Friday Cocktail: The Artillery

It’s reading week for me this next week, which is certainly not a vacation as I have two essays due at the end, but Cameron and I are still going to have some fun and take a trip to Bath early next week. I’m quite excited as I’ve never been, but it should be quite a nice breather from schoolwork!

The weather in London is definitely getting cooler, which is fine with me as it means there are some absolutely beautiful changing leaves, more sweaters to be worn, and even more opportunities to relax with a book and a cup of tea (or perhaps this cocktail). It’s also a whole lot easier to motivate myself to do schoolwork when the weather isn’t quite as nice and staying indoors is a bit more appealing.

Adapted from the Savoy Cocktail Book, this intense-sounding cocktail is actually quite a smooth drink. The cinnamon in the Fee Brother’s bitters is a lovely with the sweet vermouth, and makes a well rounded, slightly spiced cocktail that practically screams autumn. Another bonus is that its relatively few ingredients make it quite simple to put together with a limited bar, and easy to scale up for more people.



• 2 oz dry gin

• 1 oz sweet vermouth

optional 1-2 dashes bitters


  1. Combine ingredients in a mixing glass with some ice
  2. Stir well, then strain into a glass.


While Fee Brothers bitters may not be as great at multitasking as Angostura, they are great in this cocktail

If you do end up adding the bitters, which I think is a really nice touch, definitely go for some that have a hint of cinnamon, or experiment with a different kind and let me know how it worked out in the comments! Another thing to mention is that the quality of the gin especially will make or break this drink. This doesn’t mean you need to use top shelf, but something other than the bottom is probably a good idea.



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