Tuesday Night Out at the Opera

I knew before moving to London that there were various theatres that offers tickets for students at fantastic rates, but I wasn’t sure if they were mainly in one genre, or covered many different areas. After a bit of googling, I found that a student discount is available at all sorts of performances and exhibitions. In fact, I was able to use it to get discounted tickets for the Goya Exhibition I went to last week, and for Frieze this coming weekend.

A few weeks ago Cameron and I were able to get £10 tickets to go see a contemporary dance presentation of Romeo and Juliette at the Royal Opera House’s Linbury Studio Theatre. Since we had such a good experience at our first event, we were excited to see a performance in the main opera house. When we saw tickets available to see Ariadne Auf Naxos at the student rate, we decided to snap them up. I think the student rate offered is an absolutely fantastic idea to get a wider range of audience into the theatre, especially for those who may be a bit hesitant.

Our £10 tickets!

Our £10 tickets!

The interior of the Royal Opera House is absolutely stunning. Waiting for the opera to begin, all you want to do is look around at all of the details on the different level, ceiling, and around the stage. I think a tour is definitely in the plan at some point in the future.

Ariadne Auf Naxos is apparently a rarely staged opera, which makes sense after seeing the fairly complex staging, and somewhat unusual plot line. The premise is that a nobleman has commissioned two groups of entertainment, an opera and a comedy troupe, and then decides that the two must combine their performance in the interest of time. I was a bit apprehensive going in as I don’t speak a word German, and I’d never been to an opera, but we looked it up and found that there would be subtitles. Not sure how this would actually happen, we decided to give it a go anyway and hope for the best. Luckily as the performance began a small screen appeared at the upper part of the stage and the English translation was projected.

Waiting for the performance to begin. We had awesome seats!

Waiting for the performance to begin. We had awesome seats!

The performance was wonderful, both fun and full of drama, and the performers amazing. As the piece progresses, marrying the comic and tragic, the beautiful arias and stunning set design transport you and you become swept up in the emotion and drama that unfurls onstage. The projected English was definitely helpful, but much of the emotion needed no translation.

It was a beautiful performance, and a wonderful evening I can’t wait to repeat again soon!


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