Friday Cocktail: The Gin-Gin Mule

This week’s drink is a fun twist on one of my favorites, the Moscow Mule, featuring gin instead of vodka. You may be thinking that the spices in the gin will do some very strange things with the ginger, and you would be correct- it is strangely delicious.

This past week we picked up a new type of gin, Sipsmith, that’s made in the UK, and is super smooth and pleasantly juniper-y. It’s great in this cocktail, and in the classic gin and tonic which I posted a few weeks ago.

The recipe does require a small amount of prep as it calls for simple syrup. To make your own (which I definitely recommend as its super simple and take very little time) combine equal amounts of sugar and water in a small pan, then what over a low flame until the sugar is completely dissolved. For the longest time I would always make far too much simple syrup to use, even allowing for the few days it will last in the fridge. I’ve started using 1/3c water and 1/3 c sugar and have found this amount is pretty manageable, especially instead of the 1c water to 1c sugar I used to make.

As I’ve mentioned before in my post about Dark and Stormies, using a good ginger beer here is key. I actually made two versions of this one- one with a grocery brand ginger beer, and one with fever tree to see if it would make a noticeable difference, and it really did! The drink with the generic brand of ginger beer tasted to strongly of ginger flavour and artificial sweetener that it completely overpowered the other flavour sin the drink. The Fever Tree ginger beer however, was absolutely lovely!

I found the original version of this recipe over at Saveur, but played around with the proportions a bit to create this version.


• 1/2oz simple syrup

• 5-10 mint leaves (adjust according to taste)

• Juice from 1/2 of a lime (about 1 oz)

• 2 oz gin

• Fever Tree ginger beer


• Combine simple syrup, mint leaves, and lime juice into a shaker, and muddle until well combined.

• Top with gin and ice, then shake vigorously

• Strain gin mixture into a glass with ice, then top with ginger beer to taste. Garnish with a sprig of mint or a lime wedge if desired.

I definitely recommend playing around with how much mint you want in your drink. It seems like an odd flavour to add to an already herbal drink, but just try it with a bit more mint that you think you need- it works surprisingly well!


2 thoughts on “Friday Cocktail: The Gin-Gin Mule

  1. Eva says:

    I just tried this to change up my normal Moscow Mule, and this was so good! Hope all is well in London, looks like you’re having great time! xx


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