Not So Effortless

We’ve been in London almost a month, which is unbelievable! Sometimes it feels like I’ve lived here for so much longer, and sometimes it feels like I just got off the plane. Every day I discover something new I want to see, or do, or try- its both wonderful and slightly overwhelming.

Going to class, and doing the massive amount of reading definitely takes up quite a bit of time, but fortunately there are still enough hours in the day to explore, go to museums, and galleries, and to meet up with friends (more on that in a minute). A friend of mine I’ve known since middle school is also is London going for her master’s, which is really nice as it gives me another person (besides Cameron) who I have a bit of history with.

Making friends as an adult is hard. Yes, I know just about everyone says this, but I always seem to underestimate just how hard until I’m right in the middl of it. You’d think that once you’ve grown up a bit and are comfortable and confident with who you are it should be easy. Unfortunately this is not this case (at least for me). I read something that said making adult friends is so hard exactly because you’re meant to be confident and ‘together’ and not admit that you’re a bit lonely, a bit vulnerable. It’s a bit silly when you think about it, but it makes sense. Don’t we all want to appear at least somewhat ‘together’? To admit that we are a little bit awkward, a bit intimidated is to be the exact opposite of the totally in-control adult we like to project. Then again, maybe its just me.

Fortunately, I know I am not alone in this. At the very least I can commiserate with Cameron, and my friend Manda (the one from earlier) and I spoke about this over coffee the other day. There is hope!

Compared to making friends (or at least trying to), adjusting to my masters programme has been fairly easy. The structure is quite different than my undergraduate courses, and there is about triple the amount of reading, but I’m enjoying my classes so far. Yes, I may have between fifteen and twenty hours of outside reading per week, but it isn’t so bad as I find (just about) all of it interesting. Because the course is set up in such a way that my grade is based on a final paper, or a mix of two papers, presentations are far less stressful, and the one I’ve done so far almost bordered on fun.

Feedback from my presentation

Feedback from my presentation

Despite the stress and moments of frustration (and one near-miss panic attack), London is an exciting place to be, and I’m happy to be here. I would also be happy to hear any words of wisdom, on making new friends, or even past experiences when moving- let me know it the comments!


One thought on “Not So Effortless

  1. Cindy says:

    Ask people things about themselves and listen! People live to talk about themselves. Also try to find something to complement them about whatever it may be.


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