Favorite Fall Footwear

The end is near! Well actually, I suppose it would be more accurate to say the beginning. The time has finally come (tomorrow!) for Cameron and I to move to London. It’s crazy, and exciting, and so many thing all at once. After so many months of planning, and thinking about where we’ll live, what courses to take, etc. its been a bit of a challenge to say things like “this week” rather than “next year”.

By some miracle I’ve managed to fit nearly everything I need into two suitcases and a carry-on bag. My larger suitcase is roughly ten pounds over the weight limit, but I’ve decided to just pay the fee, as its full of things I will actually use and need, and shipping would be even more expensive.

This past weekend my mom took me shopping for some last minute necessities at King of Prussia with my godmother. Without revealing too much, I will say that the past week  has been extremely stressful, and the tension so high at times that it was practically a physical presence. Needless to say, it was nice to take a bit of breather, and to spend some time with my mom before I leave tomorrow.


While we were shopping I found a few great pairs of boots that I couldn’t quite decide between. The sales associate offered a pair of socks to help me get a better feel. I was initially expecting one of those thin shoe liners, but when I was handed a great pair of mostly cotton socks that were thin but warm, I just had to get a pair as well. In fact, I ended up getting three pairs- one in each color. I have a few pairs of Falke tights that have been my absolute favorites, but hadn’t tried their socks. Well I am definitely sold, and will probably be replacing all of my socks in the near future.


The boots I eventually chose are a shorter ankle boot from Aquatalia (pictured above). I love the shoe itself, and am even more excited about the fact that they are weatherproof! It’s extremely rare to find a comfortable, functional shoe that is also attractive and stylish, and I’m so happy I finally did. The only hard part was finding a spot for them in my suitcase! They will be perfect for the fall/winter, and especially the damp weather I’m in for in London.


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