Controlled Chaos

I’ve been home for about a week and a half, which has flown by, but the even crazier part is that in just two weeks Cameron and I will be flying to London! We have things pretty well sorted– our visas are approved and en-route, our flights are booked, we have a letting agent to find a flat when we arrive, and have narrowed down a few options of where to stay in the meantime.

Because I have to pack all of my things for the next year into just two suitcases (and a carry-on, thank god!) it was time for a luggage upgrade– I found a great Samsonite luggage set, which I absolutely love, and have  already managed to pack all of my winter clothes (pretty successfully) into the larger one. Now all I need to do is to pack the smaller suitcase with my fall clothes and shoes. The toughest part has been deciding and sorting what to pack into my suitcase to bring to London, and what to put into boxes that will live in my mom’s basement until Cameron and I are back in the states after our grad programs are over. I don’t know how I’ve accumulated to many sweaters, but there’s no way I can take all of them with me!

You may remember from my last post that one of my best friends I was coming to visit last week. She just left on Monday, and as sad as I was to see her go, we had such a great time while she was here! Last Saturday we drove up to New Hope, Pennsylvania with my mom and godmother to go look at a preview of items for an auction, which was a lot of fun and as I got to learn a little bit more about my mom’s store and how she finds such amazing pieces. On Sunday Grace and I walked around Brandywine Park, which gave us lots of time to catch up before we had dinner with some of my extended family that night.

Now it’s back to packing and finishing all sorts of things to prep before we leave. Cameron is still visiting his dad for a few more days, which gives me a little bit more time to spend with just my mom.

In addition to all the moving tasks, I’ve created a new, dedicated Instagram account for this site, which I’m really excited about! Check it out if you get a chance, and feel free to follow!


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