We did it!

We did it! This past weekend Cameron and I successfully, well somewhat successfully, moved out of Nashville. We had only a few hiccups as we loaded up the car (we greatly overestimated how much would fit), and even though we left about six hours later than we’d planned, I am very happy to have a few days to relax.

On our way up to Wilmington we stopped in Salisbury, North Carolina to visit a few more friends. While we were there we got to attend the Salisbury Land Trust’s fundraiser/party, Riverdance, which was hosted in a very beautiful train station, before we had to leave on Sunday morning.

Luckily this drive was far less eventful than the last one. We managed to find a much more scenic route which made the whole thing much more enjoyable, even in slightly longer. I’d never been to Virginia before, but from what I got to see from the car it’s absolutely beautiful. Had we not been so excited to finish driving we may have stopped at one of the many vineyards we saw along the way.

Since we’ve been at my family’s house we’ve been unpacking, and getting ready for England. We’ve sent off our visa applications and passports, so there’s not much left to do on that end, which feels great, but is also a bit daunting. I still need to find a larger suitcase to fit all of my winter clothes, and perhaps pare down along the way. It’s been consistently amazing, and at times even shocking, how much Cameron and I have accumulated over the past year and half. We’ve been sorting things into a few piles–keep, store, and give away– but it often feels like the piles are never ending. Hopefully in the next week we can get everything sorted so we can relax a bit before the next round of packing and moving.

On top of everything else, my oldest and one of my very best friends is coming to visit at the end of this week, which is beyond exciting! We’ve known each other since we were thirteen, and since college we’ve rarely gotten to see each other. In fact the last time was last November, which I feel is far too long of a time to go without seeing one of your best friends!

I’m definitely excited for these next few weeks (my last in the U.S. for a while!), even if they will be quite busy!


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