Packing Up and Heading Out

This week has been crazy!

Cameron and I have been getting ready to move out of Nashville at the end of this week week, which means selling/getting rid of furniture, lots of packing, and planning our cross-country drive. As if that wasn’t already quite a bit, we have also been applying for visas, planning which courses we’re going to take this year, and looking at flats.

We’ve been really lucky in the past few weeks as we’ve gotten to see just about all of our friends as we’re heading out. This past weekend was our last in Nashville, so after dinner with friends we headed to the Patterson House for a drink, and then to the Sutler before heading home. It was a later night than we’d planned, but it was a lot of fun and the perfect way to spend our last Saturday night. On our big drive this upcoming weekend we have plans to stop and see a few more friends in North Carolina, which will be great as we’ve not seen them in quite a while, and it happens to be almost exactly halfway between Nashville and where my family lives which should make the long much more bearable.

With so many things to do, my tendency to make lists has really ramped up. I have lists of what to pack, lists of things to do before leaving, of courses I’m thinking of taking, and even of what snacks I want to bring on the road trip. Some of my lists even have sub-lists! All of this may sound like its less, rather than more organized, but there’s something about breaking up a large task into smaller, more manageable bits that I find instantly calming. In fact, I have a small notebook that I keep with me just about all the time, even when I’m not in the process of moving– a Moleskine that becomes more and more ragged as time passes, and is filled not only with lists, but roughly written recipes, gift ideas for friends and family, and general things I hope to remember.

The next month is sure to be a busy one, but it will definitely be worth it when Cameron and I are in London (in less than a month!).

Have any moving tips? Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Packing Up and Heading Out

  1. theenglishrose2014 says:

    We have moved 10 times over the past 20 years, so I’ve learned just a few things! I’ve actually written a post on moving tips if you’d care to read it. Moving to London?! Wow, how delightful! That is a dream destination of mine! 🙂 Happy moving! God bless!


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