Friday Cocktail: The Londoner

A few weeks ago I posted about a favorite cocktail from Buccan in Palm beach, and this week’s cocktail is another perfect summer drink from their fantastic cocktail menu.

This past week Cameron and I have been slowly but surely getting ready for our move to London this September, have booked our flights (September 9th!), and have done a great deal of packing/getting rid of furniture. Writing and testing this post was a very welcome way to relax for a bit, and catch up with Cameron before this next weekend when will will be doing even more packing/moving.

While not quite as simple as most of my Friday Cocktails, it’s definitely worth the few extra steps. It’s still very straightforward, and is summery and refreshing, which went perfectly with an unexpected cool spell in Nashville.

Ingredients (for two drinks):

• 5-6 cucumber slices (plus a few thinly sliced rounds to garnish)

• 5-7 large basil leaves (plus more for garnish)

• 1 oz honey water (I dissolved 2 tbs local, raw honey in 8oz of warm water. This should keep for 1-2 weeks)

• 1 oz lemon juice

• 3oz gin (I like Gordon’s because it’s pretty neutral and won’t overpower your cocktail)



  1. Thoroughly muddle cucumber, basil, and gin in a cocktail shaker. If you think it’s good, give it an extra 30 seconds or so just to be safe.
  2. Add lemon juice, gin, and ice; shake thoroughly
  3. Strain into two glasses and garnish with cucumber slices and basil leaf.


The basil is what gives this cocktail such a pretty green tint, but definitely experiment with the amounts of cucumber, basil, and even lemon to tailor the drink to your taste. The honey water can be quite astons flavor depending on the honey you use, so be sure to balance it with the lemon if you decide to change any of your amounts.



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