Friday Cocktail: Champagne Cocktail (and a bit of a celebration!)

I had already planned this week’s Friday Cocktail when I received some very exciting news, so it was a very fun coincidence that this week’s cocktail is a bit festive.

Even though I’d already been accepted to graduate school, I decided a few months ago to apply to an additional program at King’s College. I hadn’t seen it when I was originally applying to schools during my senior year of college, but it sounded amazing, and I had nothing to lose by simply applying. This week I finally heard back that I’ve been accepted, and as soon as I read the letter I knew that I had to switch programs. Yes, its a bit unusual to switch something like a grad school program roughly two months before the beginning of the course, but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t. After all, aren’t your twenties the perfect time for change and new adventures?

So, fast forward a few days and Cameron and I are hastily packing up our apartment, planning weekends with family and friends, and  preparing to move to London in just under two months!


Despite all of the hectic preparations, I managed to carve out some time to properly celebrate. We picked up this bottle of Prosecco at a tasting over at The Bottle Shop last weekend, and I though this would e the perfect time to open it. It’s an extra dry, which means that there isn’t too much sweetness, and has a really lovely floral quality. I would be happy to drink this on it’s own, or in a cocktail. Yes, I know this post is meant to be about a champagne cocktail, but a good Prosecco can definitely take the place of champagne in a cocktail, and can often be a bit more wallet-friendly.

Champagne cocktails are a classic around the holidays at my house, and we make them as described here, but with a splash of cognac added to the bottom before topping with champagne. The cognac is definitely optional, but also a really nice touch– just be careful as they have a habit of catching up to you rather quickly.



• One Sugar Cube

• Angostura Bitters

• Prosecco or Champagne to top


1. Place a sugar cube in the bottom of a champagne flute (or white wine glass), top with enough bitters to turn the whole cube pink.

2. Top with prosecco, and enjoy!


You certainly don’t need a reason to celebrate to enjoy these, although you could always toast something smaller– like the end of the week, a new book, or whatever day of the week it happens to be!


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