My Favorite Lip Color

I love a great, neutral lip color that can take me from day to night, but I usually have a quite a hard time finding one that fits the bill. While I like a neutral, it has to be more pink than beige, and on top of that it needs to be moisturizing, and not flake. As you can see the list starts to get quite long.

The first time I saw Butter London was a few years ago when I came across their nail polish, which is “three free,” meaning it has no DBP, formaldehyde, or toluene. This makes it safer both for the person using it, and the environment. Those three chemicals are found most nail polish, as well as some pretty scary things ranging from sealants, to gasoline, to paint thinner– definitely not things I want to have on my skin or nails.

When I found out they had a line of other cosmetics I knew I had to try them! Their lipstick and tinted balms are made with shea butter and vitamin E, and come in a range of awesome colors which are perfectly matte. Their tinted balm in axis kiss is the perfect shade of pink- neutral, but a bit more interesting- and lasts for hours without flaking or feathering off. It’s the perfect pop of color to finish an outfit, or to make me feel more “pulled together” on a day I’d rather not put a full face of makeup on (like when it’s super hot/humid).

Even though I adore the color, sometimes I want something a bit more subtle. To get the same color with little bit less saturation, I like to apply a thin layer of Smith’s Rosebud Salve, then dab on lipstick until I get the desired amount of color. Rosebud Salve is amazing- not only as a lip balm, but as a great salve for scares or cuticles in a pinch.


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