Date Day at the Frist Center

Both Cameron and I have been rather busy lately, which is great because it means we’ve both been productive, not as great in that it doesn’t leave much time for catching up. We decided to have a date day last weekend to relax and go to the Frist Center in downtown Nashville to see the new exhibits- one on Italian Fashion since 1945, and one featuring contemporary sculpture by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa.

The Italian Fashion exhibit at the Frist is amazing. It covers a period from 1945-2014, and features a ton of dresses, suits, and ensembles in glass that you can walk around to see from different angles. There area few movie clips featured, including one from War and Peace with the dress worn my Audrey Hepburn shown adjacent. It was very cool to see the dress “in action” and then to be able to look at it more closely. There are also some pieces of the design process shown- sketches, textile proofs, and a short documentary about contemporary Italian design. It’s a great place to spend the afternoon, so definitely budget a few hours for your visit.


Just outside of the main entrance is a large sculpture (Isabella) by Jaume Plensa, which part of his exhibition, titled “Human Landscape,” inside. The sculpture plays with perspective, acts in dialogue with numerous art-historical references, and draws you in instantly. There’s something entrancing about the way your eyes can’t quite work out the perspective, particularly with his work Laura II (On view in the Gordon Contemporary Gallery inside). There are a number of other works by the artist installed at Cheekwood, and I definitely can’t wait to go see them soon.

If you’re in the area it’s definitely worth taking some time to go see the new exhibits, both of which can be seen until September.


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