One-Piece Wonder

I love dresses- they are easy to throw on, often pretty comfortable, and I’ve found that everyone thinks you’ve put in quite a bit of effort, even when that isn’t necessarily the case. There’s something about a dress that just seems to say “I have my life together.” I feel like this is the case with rompers too, although perhaps with a slightly more relaxed vibe. I also love that rompers offer the ease of shorts without the need to put two separate clothing items together, or to  tuck things in. Not that that’s difficult, but some days I just want to throw something on and go, particularly in the summer.

A few years ago when rompers and jumpsuits first became really popular, I definitely did not think they would stick around, but once I resigned myself to the idea that they were here to stay, I decided to give them a try. I was met with pretty poor results. Try as I might I couldn’t seem to find one that was flattering or comfortable. As it turns out, it can be hard to find a romper or jumpsuit that is the right fit for you– it’s not unusual to have a bit too much room in the inseam or, even worse, too little. Either way it’s not a great look.

The perfect romper from anthro

The perfect romper from Anthro

So when I saw this romper at Anthropologie I had high hopes- it’s looser in the body and leg, and the tie-waist is great because I can adjust it to fit my natural waist, or closer to my hips for more of a drop waist.

Although I was hesitant to purchase something that presumably has only one way to wear it, I’ve since experimented with layering- adding a flowy sweater, a button-down, and even a blazer to make it a bit dressier. With a flat sandal its perfect for a lazy summer day, but a dressier shoe can take it into the evening for date night or drinks with friends.

It’s definitely become one of my favorite pieces for summer. When it’s hot outside there’s something so nice about a looser piece of clothing that lets you breathe, yet still looks put-together and “effortless”. While I’m still wary of jumpsuits with a full pant leg (I’ve yet to find one that has the right proportions), I’m pretty glad rompers are here to stay.



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