The Worst Monday

This post will be a bit of departure from the usual.

When I was at the park on Monday afternoon my car window was mashed and my bag stolen. Yes, I know the deal- don’t leave your bag in your car. But with tinted windows, and a coat covering it I thought it would be enough, it had been for the past year. The park I go to is one that attracts a lot of families, people with dogs, and has pretty constant stream of  foot traffic moving around the track.

At the end of my run I came back to my car, got inside, and noticed the back window was open, then quickly saw the glass and my missing bag and realized what had happened. After the police, I called my mom (of course), and then my boyfriend, who left work to meet me. I wasn’t so much scared as I was shaken, in fact, I couldn’t stop shaking.

It isn’t so much the physical objects themselves, but the sentimental value they hold that has been more of a loss. Credit cards, lipsticks, even the bag itself can all be replaced, but the angel coin a friend gave me in college, my book filled with lists of things to do, the compact mirror my best friend gave me years ago, are irreplaceable. Even more sad is that I don’t think I’d be comfortable going back to that park again, which is more frustrating as it’s where Cameron and I go for a walk almost every day.

Despite all of this I haven’t felt the direct, straightforward anger I was expecting. Yes, I’m frustrated that this happened, annoyed that I have to have my cards replaced, to go to the DMV and get a new license, and to pay for my window to be repaired. Whomever smashed my window in the middle of the day in a crowded park took a pretty big risk. Maybe it’s naive, but I feel like they had to have been in some sort of trouble. Even the officer who sowed up to help said that it was an act of a desperate person. Of course that doesn’t excuse what they did, or make it any less illegal or wrong, or help me deal with the aftermath.

The situation, for lack of better word, sucks. But you never know what life will bring, and I don’t want waste my time and energy harboring negative feelings for a complete stranger. What’s the old saying? You can’t control other people’s actions, but you can control your reactions. I’m going to chose to move on, and maybe not leave my bag in my car.

I hope y’all are having a better week!


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