An Unexpectedly Eventful Weekend, and a trip to The Patterson House

After quite a busy holiday weekend last week, I think Cameron and I were both looking forward to having a more relaxing one this past weekend. And while it began relatively  smoothly (we had a movie night on Friday and watched Results) Saturday and Sunday were much more eventful.

One of Cameron’s college friends and fraternity brothers was in town for the weekend so we grabbed dinner at one of our favorite Indian restaurants, then had a drink at home before heading out to the Patterson House in midtown. The wait was shorter than we’ve had before, maybe about thirty minutes, although I never seem to mind as much when the weather is nice and I’m with good company.

Having been the week before I’d already tried a few of their drinks, but there were still one or two that I was looking forward to trying. Their menu is divided by type of spirit, and all of their bitters, syrups, etc. are made in house, which makes for super fresh-tasting cocktails with lots of unique flavors. Their servers and bartenders are incredibly helpful, which is great  as many of the ingredients are likely to be something you’ve not heard of. I decided first on the Coffee? Tea? Or me? which is a tequila based drink that tastes a bit like Campari at the start, and finishes with a really nice sort of coffee, smoky flavor. Yes, it sounds a bit strange, but I promise its amazing. For my second I ordered the Don’t Cry for Me, a brandy based drink that was light, a bit citrusy, and perfect for a warm, summery night. The other standout was definitely the Spring Sazerac- while I generally enjoy the traditional, this might be even better.

Coffee? Tea? Or me?

Coffee? Tea? Or me?

The best thing about the Patterson House is how easy it is to lose track of time. The drinks are strong, which makes them perfect for sipping over lots of conversation (and maybe their warm olives). Another great thing is that the temptation to check your phone is quite small. There’s a small sign at the front discouraging cell phone use, but even without that I find I get caught tup in the atmosphere, and conversation with friends, and stop thinking about what’s going on on Instagram.

Yes, the wait can often be a bit lengthy, but I promise its worth it. I hope y’all make the trip and have great time!


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