Springtime Hibiscus-Lavender Collins

Recently I found a really interesting (and pretty!) new cocktail ingredient, and have been waiting for the perfect occasion to take it for a spin. I was searching for a mother’s day gift  I found this hibiscus-lavender syrup syrup made by Raft, so had to get it for myself as well.

All of their products are slow-brewed botanical syrups that are perfect for cocktails! I tried a little bit before making the cocktails and it was definitely strong, but really good. It has a slightly herbal taste, and the lavender is strong enough to smell even after you’ve mixed it with the other ingredients. It seemed like the perfect ingredient for something refreshing and light to sip not he porch after a long, hot day.

IMG_3370I decided to keep it simple and follow the direction on the bottle (it helped that it called of only three ingredients!) by using the syrup, my choice of sprit, and some sparkling water. After trying it it needed a hint of citrus tobrighten it, so I added some lime juice- making it a collins. I posted recipe a few weeks ago for a basil collins, and really love them in the warmer months; the light fizz makes them really refreshing!


• 1tbs Raft Hibiscus-Lavender Syrup

• 1/2-1 tbs lime juice

• 3 tbs gin (you could also use vodka)

• sparkling water or seltzer



1. Pour syrup, lime, and gin into a glass with ice.

2. Top with seltzer and stir slightly

3. Enjoy!

An alcohol-free version of this would be equally delicious. I tried the syrup with just some seltzer and it reminded me of the Italian soda I loved growing up. It isn’t too sweet, but has a really nice, light flavor. It could be a great “mock-tail” for a birthday party or baby shower as well!

I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for the other syrup’s made by Raft- they have a lemon-ginger, and a smoked tea and vanilla that both sound amazing! I also checked out their website, which has some awesome recipes using their different syrups.




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