Home with Campari and Grapefruit

I’ve been visiting my family for the past few days, which has been lots of fun, and full of errands and appointments. So thought a good way to relax with this Friday Cocktail would be to feature an old favorite! I don’t actually remember when I first had one of these, but I remember feeling very grown-up as a teenager when I was occasionally given one (consisting mostly of grapefruit juice with just a splash of Campari) when we were relaxing on vacation, or we waiting on dinner. Its low alcohol content makes it perfect for sipping before dinner, or on a warm afternoon- combined with tart grapefruit juice it’s a refreshing and relaxed aperitif that’s sure to please!


Campari is a bitter aperitif that can be added to cocktails (like the amazing Negroni) or enjoyed more simply over seltzer. Invented in Italy in 1860, its made by infusing herbs and fruit with alcohol and water, much in the same manner as Pimm’s. It’s a great addition to your bar because of its versatility; technically classified a ‘bitter’ it is of of the few that can act as the star of a cocktail, rather than just a supporting ingredient.

The great thing about Campari and grapefruit is the ease with which its made- it’s exactly what it sounds like. Sure, you can whip out the cocktail measure and make your drinks, but it’s even easier to pour the ingredients to your personal taste and forgo any measuring. Before you know it half the bottle may be gone, but everyone in your group will be feeling great!


• 3oz (or desired amount) of Campari

• a splash of grapefruit juice (fresh is best of course, but any tart juice will work)

• wedge of lime


1. Pour Campari and juice into a glass and stir, garnishing with a lime wedge.





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