Dark and Stormy

True, the weather here has been a bit dark and stormy for the past week, but this post is about something much more exciting (and delicious)- the dark and stormy cocktail.

The drink, invented in Bermuda after the first world war, must be made with Gosling’s Black Seal rum, a ginger beer of your choosing, and a lime wedge. Why this type of rum specifically? The recipe and name are trademarked by the Gosling company. And while this may seem a bit odd I must say that, having had quite a few different knockoff versions, the true version made with Gosling’s black seal dark rum is so much better. If you’re want to know even more about this check out this New York Times article.

Once you have the rum, then it’s time to find the right ginger beer. The Collin’s company now makes their own ginger beer (Gosling’s Stormy Ginger Beer), but I’m quite fond of Fentimans or Regatta. Fentimans is fairly easy to find, and has a strong ginger flavor. Regatta can be a bit harder to find, but is definitely worth it if you can- it’s my favorite for both cocktails and enjoying on its own. Whichever ginger beer you chose, make sure it’s nice and spicy to balance the strong flavors of the rum.

And the best part? It requires only two ingredients, which always makes a cocktail recipe a keeper, at least in my opinion.


• 3oz Gosling’s Black Seal rum

• Ginger Beer

• Wedge of lime


1. Pour rum into a glass with ice

2. Top with ginger beer and garnish with a lime wedge.

3. Enjoy!


The finished product!

These are especially good in the warmer months, particularly when enjoyed outside (whether the weather is dark and stormy or not) with some good company.  Cameron and I sat outside and enjoyed these as even more dark clouds rolled in, but I hope you enjoy them with some sunshine!




3 thoughts on “Dark and Stormy

  1. Neat Nashville says:

    LOVE DARK AND STORMYS! One of our co-founders is from Bermuda! Goslings black rum and Goslings ginger beer is just too good.

    Glad to see a little bit of that in Nashville. Cheers (:

    Liked by 1 person

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