The Marriage Plot

No, this is not post about an elaborate plan to get my boyfriend to propose, rather, it is a great book I’ve been reading by Jeffrey Eugenides

The besides the title, which references the trope used by many of the great English novels (think about those by Jane Austen), it was the author who drew me in. I first read Jeffrey Eugenides The Virgin Suicides when I was in high school, and found myself wrapped up in the mystery that was the  Lisbon sisters,, and being left with more questions than answers, which left me with a sort of melancholy I hadn’t yet experienced.

I was told by the woman at the checkout of Parnassus Books that The Marriage Plot was a bit lighter than his others, which has proved to be true.

The three protagonists, who graduate from college within the first few hundred pages and spend the rest of the book trying to navigate the “real world” while working through a sort of contemporary love story. Parts of Eugenides’s book seem to bridge the gap between fiction and real-life,  for example the rather anticlimactic sensation after one’s commencement ceremony has ended, and she must go pack up her room and newly gained diploma to drive back home. But I suppose this is why is books are so engaging- they allow the reader to see bits of him or herself, even in characters one might not be comfortable identifying with.

The ending, which was not what I’d expected, was just the resolution I’d been hoping without actually realizing it.

At any rate, I sincerely hope you take the time to read this book, and that you enjoy it.

marriage plot.


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