Spring is for Growing

One of my very favorite things about the warmer months is the abundance of fresh herbs and veggies. My boyfriend and I go to the farmers’ market every Saturday morning in Downtown Franklin, and to be honest I’m ready for some fresh greens. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sweet potato, and I’ve gotten very creative with some hardy kale, but its definitely time for  more variety. This past weekend there were (finally!) some fresh salad greens at the market, which were delicious, and left me craving some fresh herbs. What better way to satisfy my craving all spring, and hopefully summer, than by planting my own mini herb garden on the balcony? There’s only one problem- I’m notorious for not properly watering plants. In fact, the only plants I can care for reasonably-well are orchids, as they don’t like to be watered too frequently. I thought that if I made some fun, eye-catching pots that I may remember to actually water my new plants. Let’s hope for the best.

FullSizeRender copy

copper foil clay pot

I chose basil, lemon thyme, and spicy oregano for my balcony “garden”, and plan to add some mint (a must for cocktails), and hopefully some sage as well. Planting was relatively straightforward, since the plants came in great biodegradable pots so all I had to do was put them in the new containers. Unfortunately, the biodegradable pots were a bit larger than the new containers, so after removing one of them from a basil plant, I decided it would be better to put the rest of them in a larger pot.

basil, lemon thyme, and spicy oregano

one of the finished products

basil plant in one of the decorative pots

I plan to wait for at least a few days for the plants to adjust before picking any of them, but I can’t wait to have fresh herbs for cooking!


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